In April 2019 we entered

the Gold Coast Regional 

Australian Meat Industrial Council 

Jerky Competition

Then on to the State final at The Ekka 

 August 2019 we became  


Winners of the AMIC Award for Best Jerky in Queensland 2019!

Being awarded Best Jerky in Queensland was extremely encouraging and a definite sign that we were doing something right!

We are delighted to offer a high-quality deli-style jerky that is moister than most.


We -

  • Are a family owner-operator business.

  • Do everything by hand we have no elaborate machinery. 

  • Hand sticker our packaging, date and pack then machine sealed for your protection.

  • Marinade our beef for 24 hours in 3kg batches to maintain the quality and consistency of our flavour, we don’t believe in simply doubling or tripling our recipe as we feel its quality and flavour could be compromised.

We love our jerky

We love our label

We love our packaging

Most of all we love being able to share it with you!

MOSCH'S LOGO web.png
Mosch's Jerky comes in 2 flavours; Original and Chilli


Both of our options are flavoured with the same Award-Winning Marinade


As they say “Do what you do do well!”.

Original:  Apart from being 'delicious' as described by our son.


Unique sweet hickory not quite barbeque flavour with a gentle spicy after taste, enough of a kick to tickle you taste buds, but not overpowering.


Chilli; More bang for your buck the same base recipe as the original with extra chilli, but not enough to go running for the milk. 

Maybe, just another few gulps of your beer of choice!


We use premium grass-fed beef in all of our products that are super high in protein and low in fat. We then marinate the beef in our secret marinade for 24 hours before the dehydration process. 

We recommend 3 months use by date and if possible refrigerate after opening.


Our jerky is very moreish! If you have a packet and think you can share it with a friend think again! 

They will probably 

need to buy their own because you will most likely want all yours to yourself.