Marty wasn’t able to find anything on the market he enjoyed so over the years he perfected the recipe we are currently using. 

In fun, we call this our 'accidental business' as we were just enjoying our jerky on a personal level and never even considered making a business of it.

During the school holidays, our son had arranged to meet a new friend at the park and after seeing them getting along so well we invited him back to our house.

Our son's new friend's dad, Shiloh came to pick him up and we got talking and discovered Shiloh and his wife Michelle had just taken over the Robina Village Cowshed Butcher. Shiloh commented that he loved jerky and would love to have some available in his shop, but didn’t have the time to make it. That's when he and Marty struck a deal; he was going to give us the meat and Marty was going to turn it into jerky and give him ½ back. A good deal we thought because we got free meat and Shiloh got jerky in return. Win-Win as we could easily go through a kilo a week if we were rationing it out to the kids, otherwise they would eat it like candy!

After Shiloh tried our jerky he said it was by far the best jerky he had ever had. #toldyouso


We started making extra and selling it at The Cowshed Butcher in chiro-vac bags. Shiloh offered tastings to the customers and it was proving to be very popular. Even the customers that said they didn’t really like jerky were converted.

We told Shiloh that we would love to make a business of it and that we were interested in trying to sell it externally of their shop as a wholesale product as well. So off we went. 

We love the new level of interaction we have experienced with our local community.  We have been residents of Mudgeeraba since 1995 and have been astounded by the welcoming support from our local business community. We have always loved Mudgeeraba, but for us, this was the next level.

The response to our jerky has been so impressive that we are now breaking out of our community and going National coming straight to your doorstep.

We sincerely hope you enjoy it!